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These are the current products offered by Wolfmedia. In addition, we have online Community Education Units (CEUs) courses that can be purchased and completed completely online. CEUs are also provided in person by Sally Wolf in all day retreat environments - the topics of which can be specifically tailored for the interests of a group or individual. 

If you do not see a product or service below that you are looking for, feel free to contact us using the form here and we will look to provide you with the utmost of service. 
Fallbrook Retreat
Corporate and Small business

We welcome Corporate and Small Business Clients to participate in a day of tailored inspiration. We specialize in team building techniques and can help you focus on mutual goals while working together more effectively in highly stressful environments. Work smarter and thrive, even during exceptionally challenging times by uniting in a shared vision enhanced by the individual perspective. We help empower staff associate's to anticipate needs while feeling respected and appreciated for all they do. 
 in person or via SKYPE

Customized guided imagery that soothes the psyche, rejuvenates and inspires. Each guided imagery can provide a relaxing experience that provides the opportunity to relax, breathe, and motivate. Each experience is designed specifically for the individual and particularly to meet stress reduction needs.

These guided imagery sessions can be done in person at Wolfmedia Retreat location, via SKYPE by appointment, and  a copy of the session will be included at the completion of the session. 

Path to Relaxation: A Guided Trip to Self 
The Path to Relaxation is Dr. Sally Wolf's most acclaimed audio visualization used by military members, families, and private clients experiencing anxiety, stress, and other ailments.

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